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Born and raised in Pune, south of Mumbai, Harsha developed an interest in travel at an early age. As a child, he’d marvel at the forts, cycle through the villages along the coast, and he was fascinated by the surrounding heritage sites.

After graduating from university, he started his own travel business which gave him the opportunity to see the world and led to a move to the UK. From the awful weather to the local cuisine of bangers and mash, Harsha enjoyed being in England and throughout his seven years there, he grabbed every opportunity to see Europe.

Despite his love of living abroad, his heart and soul remained in India, so he returned to his hometown and with it came a new appreciation for what was on his doorstep. Harsha has since made India his base, working for Lightfoot Travel during the day and exploring his local landscape during his spare time. From the backwaters of Kerala to the foothills of the Himalayas, he’s discovering it all!

Today, Harsha thrives on the satisfaction he gets from arranging once-in-a-lifetime holidays and – even more – he enjoys hearing the stories from his clients upon their return. If he can provide others with unparalleled memories, then he’s happy!

Harsha’s Picks
  • Beach: I love the coastline between Galle and Tangalle; it is not only an ideal place to end your holiday but also to relax upon far less touristy beaches. The luxurious resorts are also tastefully designed villas to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Memory: I still can’t forget the incredible and mesmerizing evening aarti ceremony on the River Ganges . The chanting by the priests and the clanging of devotional bells just seem to be transport you to a different world!
  • Country: Of course Bhutan! Such an exclusive hidden gem and I truly respect the vision of the current Royal Family who have restricted it to those travelers who want to visit Bhutan on luxury holidays and treks, retaining the country's magic and authenticity.
Favourite Destinations

View of the Colombo city skyline with modern architecture buildings including the lotus towers. BOC, world trade center, shangri la

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