Meet Diana | Senior Travel Designer | Lightfoot Travel

Diana grew up in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

As a child she spent her days on her grandfather’s farm, eating fruits freshly picked from the trees, and wandering through the fields that made up the landscape. Aged ten years old she moved to Hong Kong and discovered city life with its towering buildings, crowded streets, bustling markets and frenetic nightlife. Seeing how these two neighbouring countries were so vastly different left her desperate to travel more.

Joining the team at Lightfoot Travel in Hong Kong four years ago has helped Diana do just that. Now she has travels to Myanmar, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, China, the US and the UK under her belt, and in her role as Senior Travel Designer she creates itineraries for clients all over the world.


Diana’s Picks
  • Memory: Sailing along the clear sea whilst watching the beautiful sunset in Boracay - This was followed by a delicious local meal outdoors with a local drum show and fire dancing in the background. At the end of the night we sat back and gazed at the stars and socialised with the friendly locals.
  • Travel Must Have: Scarves - They're stylish and easy to throw in a bag, yet provide warmth when needed!
  • Country: Myanmar. Its beautifully untouched and much less commercial than its Asian counterparts. I also find that my love for food has been sparked in the fast few years, and Myanmar is the home of the delicious Tea Leaf Salad. 
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